Buy My Auto

The Buy My Auto program has some of the most powerful features available today for any mail/digital program. It is setting records for responses and even better, giving you valuable information about what your responders want to buy and when.

Here are some actual recent sales response reports

Chevy Dealer, NH- 394 responses w/ 303 leads from 15,500 mailers
Chevy Dealer, NH- 400 responses w/ 298 leads from 15,500 mailers
Toyota Dealer, AZ- 283 responses w/216 leads from 7500 mailers
Nissan Dealer, CA- 368 responses w/ 245 leads from 7500 mailers
Honda Dealer, AZ- 385 responses w/271 leads from 10,000 mailers
Chevy Dealer, CO- 380 responses w/282 leads from 5500 mailers
Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM Dealer, ID- 296 responses w/225 leads off of 8,300 mailers
Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM Dealer, AZ- 379 responses w/287 leads off of 7,500 mailers
Chevy Dealer, NH- 1376 responses w/1067 leads off of 32,000 mailers