Holiday Cards

The Best Reasons to Send Holiday Cards

from Pinnacle Direct Marketing

We believe sending greeting cards is a great idea all throughout the year. But during the holidays, it’s not just a great idea, it’s the best idea. Who doesn’t open holiday cards?

  • During the holidays, EVERYONE OPENS Christmas & Holiday Cards
  • Our Christmas & Holidays cards are full sized, are addressed with handwritten script fonts and use LIVE STAMPS. No Indicias or commercial postage imprints on these beauties
  • Our unique inserts are separate from the card that is displayed on the mantle. You can sell for the showroom and the service bays quietly while the card is all about the personal relationship

  • Brings your dealership to front of mind each day it is displayed
  • Shows that you are thinking of your customers during the happiest time of year
  • Shows your customer that they, and their family, are important to you
  • Displays your dealership name up on the wall or on the mantle for the month of December for all visitors to see
  • All the neighbors and family see that you care enough to a send a Holiday card to your customers
  • Have YOUR dealership name on display in local homes right before the biggest selling week of the year

Call us here at Pinnacle Direct, your holiday marketing place, to order your Holiday Cards. We will take EXCELLENT care of you.

For less than you can do it yourself, we’ll send the holiday card of your choice to your target audience.


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