Philip Calvert


Kimberly Calvert, VP Sales

Kimberly Calvert just celebrated her 16 year anniversary with us here at Pinnacle Direct. If that isn’t a “wow” event we don’t know what is. Kimberly has carved out a very nice slice of gratitude from her customers in those 16 years. She has landed big clients and closed big deals. She has helped create new mailers that have helped our clients make hundreds of thousands of dollars and she has retired some too. She specializes in focusing on what her customers need most and then she makes it RAAAAIIN. Our favorite quote from one of her clients on the phone one day is “No one can do what Kimberly does…no one.” When she isn’t at work, Kimberly loves to spend time with her Labrador Cody and her Husband. Kimberly is an avid cook, she knits cool beanies and makes world class candles, soaps and bath products.

Janet Silva, Director of Operations

Janet is one of those rare finds that has a lot of experience in a lot of areas. Janet brings heart, drive and experience to Pinnacle Direct right where we need it. She is our director of operations. Janet has the toughness to handle any problem that comes along and the right touch to do it without anyone actually seeing her do it. She knows when less is more. Janet helps Pinnacle run like the engine in a Ferrari 812 Superfast. She is that good and will take EXCELLENT care of YOU! When she is not at work Janet spends he time with her beautiful daughters and her family. She also creates jet-set, high-end lotions, potions and soaps. She and Kimberly have a friendly competition going on. WHO’S THE BEST??? Its fun!

Shaun Langley, National Account Manager

Shaun is our “corporate” guy. He comes from the “Corporate America” side of direct mail. Shaun has an impressive 13 years of automotive direct mail and digital marketing experience. He has extensive experience with Tier 1,2 & 3 automotive marketing.  Shaun was involved in the launch of AutoNation’s GM stores onto the CSSR Service reminder program. The kid has the brain and the patience for such large rollouts and THAT’S what we love about him.  Shaun’s favorite thing to do here is to impress his customers with his laser focused customer service and discover which of the Pinnacle Direct products will best serve his customers sales goals and maximize their budgets. When Shaun isn’t making his customers money, he loves to cook and smoke meats for his family including his wife, 3 girls and son.

James Holm


Cody Calvert